2006 - 2016 Assistant Professor in Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran.  

2013 -2016 Team leader of Biological Engineering group in Biofuel Research Team(www.BRTeam.ir)(Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran)(ABRII)

2013 -2016 Team leader of synthetic biology subgroup in Biofuel Research Team(www.BRTeam.ir)(Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran)(ABRII)

2009- 2013 Executive project manager and consultant in Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII) and Chamran Research Center of Life Science and Biotechnology

2002-2006 PhD student, Plant Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology in Tarbiat Modares University. Tehran, Iran.   

2008-2013  Researcher in project “Towards improvement of expression strategies in plants as biofactories for producing vaccines “University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, Faculty of Science”



  • PhD. Plant Breeding, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Genetics,

Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran , Iran, 2002 – 2006

  • MSc. Agricultural Engineering, Plant Breeding Razi University,

 Kermanshah, Iran, 1998 – 2000

  • BSc. Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy and Plant Breeding. Isfahan University of Technology,

Isfahan, Iran. 1992-1996. 



  • Genomics
  • Gene expression and Gene expression analysis
  • Functional analysis of plant enzymes
  • Gene Isolation and Characterization
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Metabolic Engineering for biocompounds
  • RNA analysis and Real-Time PCR
  • Gene transformation
  • Organelle Engineering
  • Evolutionary analysis in
  • Recombinant protein production
  • Construct  designing and Synthetic Biology
  •  RNAi technologies
  • Primer and probe designing
  • Transcription factor isolation and analysis


English, Persian



  • Full scholarship from Iran Science Ministry for Ph.D Program.
  • PostDoc fellowship for expression of interferon alpha2b in nuclear  and chloroplast expression,  Institute of Bioscience. Faculty of Biotechnology and Bimolecular Sciences. University Putra Malaysia
  • Top student in MSc and PhD.



 Book Chapter

Rajabi Memari H, Pazouki L, Niinemets, U (2013) The biochemistry and molecular biology of volatile messengers in trees. In: Niinemets.U, Monson RK (eds) Biology, controls and models of tree volatile organic compound emissions, vol 5, Tree physiology. Springer, Berlin, pp 47–93


  • Book (under preparation):

Principles of recombinant proteins Production in plants and microalgae (From Lab to Clinic)                


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  5. Production of Human Interferon gamma in tomato plants. Iranian Patent 2012

Full papers in peer reviewed journals


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  1. Evaluation of anatomical – developmental features and genetic diversity and extraction of medicine metabolites from vigna radiate lines.


  1. Isolation, functional characterization and evolutionary analysis of Germacrene A Synthase, Germacrene D synthase and Beta-caryophyllene synthase  from Achillea millefolium (Yarrow)


  1. Identification and verification of the CD4+ T cell specific epitopes derived from capsid protein of HEV and designing, construction and evaluation of a high density epitope DNA construct using immunodominant HEV epitope


  1. Producing of recombinant VP2/VP3 antigens of IPNV and investigation of its protecction effect in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).


  1. Study on molecular epidemiology of white spot syndrom virus in Eastern white leg shrimp( L.vannamei )


  1. Production of tissue plasminogen  activator (tpa)in microalgae Dunaliella salina



  1. Functional Molecular Analysis of Two NAC Transcription Factors for Unravelling Regulatory Networks Controlling Plant Aging
  2. Gene expression analysis of Microarray data from yeast and interpretation of gene expression network
  3. Optimization of gene transformation to Microalgae Spirulina
  4. Transformation of Gamma Interferon to Microalgae Dunaliella Salina
  5. Designing and construction of viral plant vector
  6. Production of tissue plasminogen activator (K2S Domain) in Yeast Pichia pastoris.
  7. Production of  VHH antibodies in canola
  8.  Production of plant antibody in tobacco plant for production of recombinant products and virus resistant goals
  9. Transformation of human interferon alpha gene to tobacco plants
  10. Production of Gamma Interferon in tomato
  11. Gene silencing of PDS in tomato
  12. Spinach chloroplast vector designing and construction
  13. HBV surface antigen production in tomato
  14. Solving the problem of haplotype reconstruction using data mining algorithm
  15.  Cloning and Transformation of Firefly Luciferase Gene into Tobacco Plants




  1. Bioinformatics for PhD student of Parasitology
  2. Bioinformatics for PhD student of Virology
  3. Genomics and Proteomics course for Microbial Biotechnology MS Students.
  4. Molecular Biology for Plant Pathology MS Students.
  5. Advance Genetics for MSc student of Plant Biotechnology.
  6. Application of Computer Science in Biotechnology for MS student.
  7. Protein engineering to microbial Biotechnology MS student.
  8. Complementary Genetics for Plant Breeding MS Students
  9. Applications of Biotechnology for Plant Breeding MS Students

10.  Biometry  for Plant Biotechnology MS Students

11.  Plant Tissue Culture for Horticulture MS students.

12.  Plant Biotechnology for agronomy students. 

13.  Plant Biochemistry for agronomy Students.    

14.  Biochemistry for agronomy Students.              

15.  Genomics and Proteomics to BSc Biotechnology students.