First name: Reza

Last name: Farrokhi-Nejad

Academic rank: Professor

Address: Shahid Chamran Univesrsity of Ahvaz, College of Agriculture, Department of Plant   Protection, Iran.

Tel: (061) 33364051

Fax: (061) 3330079

e-mail: farokhi_reza@yahoo.com



1977, BS.c. Horticulture, Department  of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Shahid Chamran     University of Ahvaz, Iran.

1984, MS.c. Plant pathology, Department of plant protection, College of Agriculture, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran.

Dissertation tittle:

Investigation on the inflorescence rot of the Date Palm (Khamedj) in Khuzestan, Iran.

1993: Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Plant Pathologyand Weed Science Department, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA.


Dissertation title: Induction of soil suppressiveness to fusarium wilt disease of pea

Sabbatical: 2003-2004, New Zealand

Research Tittle:

Fusarium speacies associated with agricultural & native grassland soils in New Zealand.

Research Interests:

 Study of plants root and crown rots, fungal genetic diversity, biological control, integrated disease control, diseases caused by phytoplasma

Published books:

     1-Plant Clinic Handbook, (translated), 2005.

                     2- Detection and Isolation of Soil Fungi (translated), 2006

Reviewer of Scientific journals:

1-   Scientific journal of Agriculture

2-   Plant Protection Journal

3-   Iranian journal of Plant Pathology

4-   Journal of Science & Technology of Agriculture & Natural Resources


Member of Scientific Societies:

      Iranian Phytopathological Society

                                      Iranian Mycological Society


Numbers of scientific research articles in farsi: 30

   “             “      “              “             “       “     English: 16

   “             “   papers presented in different congresses  in Iran: 73

   “             “          “       “         “    interanational Congresses: 10

Graduate Defence Committee

Theses supervised: 35

           Theses advised: 9

             Theses reviewed: 16

Academic Ranks History

Assistant Professor, 1993-2000

Associate Professor, 2000-2007

Professor: 2007-Present

Administrative Positions 

    Deputy Dean in Educational Affairs 1984-87

    Dean of the College of Agriculture, 1994-98

    Chairman of the Conference of Iranian Dean of Colleges of Agriculture & Natural Resources 1994-98

    Chairman of the College of Agriculture Promotion Committee 2004-2009

    Head of Plant Protection Department, College of Agriculture 2001-2003


6-   Managing editor of the Scientific Journal of Agriculture 1994-2007

7-   Member of editorial board of the Plant Protection Journal 2009

8-   Managing editor of the Plant Protection Journal, since 2013





Teaching Courses

a-   Undergraduate

    Plant pathology 3 units

    Principles of Plant Disease Control 2 Units

   Field Crop Diseases 3 units

   Mycology 3 units

b-  Graduate

   Plant Disease Physiology 3 units

   Ecological Disease Control 1 units

    Bioecology of Plant pathogens 3 units

 Plant Disease management 3 units